Thomas Poole


Documentary, Outdoor, Event, Culture, and Modern and Ancient Lifestyle Photographer:


I am a Photographer, a traveller, an explorer, a conservationist, bike rider, lover of oceans, sports, adventure & lover of all things photography related!

I'm originally from Namibia on the West Coast of Africa, home of the Bushman and famous for it's great Kalahari Dessert, Sand Dunes, Sand boarding and a number of unique species of wildlife and great national parks.


After travelling to South East Asia as an exchange student in 2003, I returned to South Africa where I trained as a Journalist and gained experience working in both Print and Broadcast Media as well as exploring the great wonders of Southern Africa before deciding to move to Europe and North America where I have gained international experience in the travel, tourism, corporate and media sectors, while always using Photography as a means to explore and document the World around me.


After working on numerous commercial projects around the World, I have realised the power of photography in helping others to see beauty and tell stories, and have found Photography and Videography to be a tool with which to both document and inspire change in the World around us. In the process of traveling and exploring, my work has appeared in a range of Travel, Music, Art, Political, Community and Lifestyle Magazines, as well as in Newspapers, Art Galleries and online media around the World.

I am currently on a photographic journey, exploring the possibilities of Studio lighting (indoors and out), Shooting Action sports, Documentaries, Commercial Products and concept design campaigns for clients World Wide.


I currently manage a studio in Helsinki, Finland and have a good network of local photographers, film makers, graphic designers and production specialists, around me and am available for work both domestically and abroad.


For questions, quotations or collaboration on interesting projects, please contact me on  +358 4499 41401 or e-mail me at

Looking forward to working with you,

Thomas Poole