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About two Months ago I was given the assignment of composing my first ever "Model Portrait".

The idea was to work in conjunction with a make-up artist and compose a shot which would reveal the essence of the Model's true character,

I originally had ideas of composing a mystical shot with night skies in the background, but as Winter moved in, our options became limited.

The idea then evolved into wanting to do a Holleywood style shoot as I knew my Model was huge fan of Art Nouveau and wanted to combine something from the same era - heading more towards a Holleywood/Bootlegging type of theme.

There were a number of pre requisits I had for the shoot - First I was determined to shoot "on location" as I have never done a shoot outside of the studio up until this point. The next idea was to give the background of the edit an H.D.R tryp feel to the background... I liked this edit, but felt that the depth and mystery of the pose was a bit lost in the bright colors and processing of the image.

I spent a week or two looking at the image, trying to decide what to do and eventually turned to the Phlern community for advice. They too agreed that the original image had way more character than the H.D.R image and in further research into effects, ran into this dispersion effect which someone had used to create a "pestilince" type effect on one of their images...

I immediately knew that that was the effect I thought would most compliment her posture and set about learning the post production process!

With a bit of assistance I created a brush/stamp too from shards of breaking glass and used them in conjunction with numerous layers and the Liquify tool in Photoshop to create the effect! Below is the final edited image:

Amassive thanks and huge amount of respect goes out to Janne, Malin and Niina for all your help and assistance in making the image come together!

Photo: Thomas Poole

Model: Malin B / Sadie Scissors

Make-Up: Niina Virta

Right Hand Man: Janne Pappila

Location: AussieBar Kamppi, Finalnd

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