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Happy Steampunk New Year

We're finally back from our holidays and the only way to start the New Year, was to hit the ground running...

Only 4 days back in the country and I'm stoked to announce that we finally nailed the steampunk shoot Mr Craig Wright of Clickit Photoshoots started planning months ago...

Miss Jonna Juvonen did an absolutely incredible Job on Make Up and with the aid of two of Finland's finest Alternative Models, the shoot was nothing short of an amazing project to be a part of!!!

The following images are a testement to the sheer talent, skill, creativity, beauty and commitment of all those involved in bringing the project to life!

A massive, massive thanks too to James and Tereza as well as all those who worked and contributed to make this shoot possible!

We wish you all an incredibly productive, prosperous and creativity filled New Year and look forward to many great adventures!!!

Happy Steampunk New Year to you all!!

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