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Elinchrom - Creative Image Lighting Technology

For a while now I've been in search of an effective, high powered, high quality lighting solution for use in both indoor and outdoor photography! After much research and fear of possibly having to sell a kidney in order to pay for a quality portable set up - Elinchrom recently released what can arguably be considered the most advanced compact (and affordable / considering it's capabilities) flash units on the market today, the ELC HD - 500 and the ELC HD - 1000. A 500 and 1000 watt system, respectively.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the ability to shoot up to 20 flashes / second - a frame rate which out shoots most Full Frame Cameras available on the market today!

This coupled with lightning fast recycling times (0.6s / 1.2s), multiple shooting modes and a load of other highly advanced features made the ELC 1000 HD's a particularly attractive deal to me! Swiss precision guarantees consistency of power output and colour temperature, shot after shot. Furthermore the super fast flash durations (up to 1/5000s / 1/5260s, will enable me to freeze just about anything in motion!!!

I realized that the technological elements in the compact heads far out perform most compact flash heads available today, but the question all along, and a major selling point for me has always been portability!

Enter the Tronix Explorer XT3, featuring key improvements such as increased power rating, wider compatibility with digital and bi-voltage monolights/flash unit systems, reliable inverter design that gives a clean AC output (pure sine wave inverter).

These battery packs give enough power for several hundreds (potentially thousands) of pops at faster recycling times and compatibility to multiple bi-voltage monoblocks even at full power.

For the forseeable future I will be working closely with Elinchrom and am proud to announce that Elinchrom and Innovatronix technologies will be my "go to" system for portable and studio lighting solutions! For anyone interested in discussing both portable and studio lighting solutions I recommend contacting your local Elinchrom dealer.

A full list of features is available on Elinchrom's website at the link below!!!


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