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Amongst the many other projects / work and crazy ideas I've been following through on lately, I along with 21 of my fellow classmates, friends & collegues, recently underwent the 2 week long practical examination course designed as part of the test to reach our European Comission of Photography recognized Diploma in Commercial Photography!

The assignment consisted of shooting 2 Mexican Food Dishes, 1 Fazer Liquorice & French Pastilles "advert" - (shiny black objects on White Ceramics). 3 images of a Politician (thank you David Hauser for your last minute dedication!!!) acting out various actions for "Image" magazine, as well as a "Photoshopped" Product ad, in this case a laptop in a bottle....

I would like to thank EVERYONE who took time to either help prep food, Jump off chairs and most of all inspire me on both the photographic AND digital imaging side of the assignments (long live Phlearn)

Below are my first attempts at the projects using a combination of Long Exposure, Studio Lighting and Digital Imaging Techniques! "Hou duime vas" as they say!!!

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