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Petrie Art Social & Print Media Promotional Image Creation:

A few weeks ago I was approached to do a few portraits of the Staff at Petrie Art Tattoo studio, located on Iso Roobertinkatu, Helsinki! The initial idea was to take a few quick snaps of the staff, but Artists, being Artist - we felt like we needed to do something just a little a bit different!

Due to time constraints, we decided to do the shoot on the street in front of the shop, so using what little we had - decided to Put the #Elinchrom AFS Speed System to the test and light a street scene of all the Artists and Business Partners in front of the shop.

Even in broad daylight (well for Helsinki anyway) and at 1/250th of a second, the Elinchrom A Heads were able to fully freeze any motion of people jumping and illuminate the Street Scene as well as cast even light over both the subjects and location... It clearly managed to overpower daylight in our "Abbey Road Scene" (Thank you Pete)

For a totally portable - High Powered lighting system I can not recomment the Elinchrom AFS System enough - and for Kick @$$ Ink, great Artistry, good after care and a clear, edgy alternative spot to get inked in Helsinki - Check out Petrie Art Tattoo studio at Iso Roobertinkatu 41, Helsinki


Also drop down to the docks to check out his awesome new Ship Studio: http://petrieart.com/ship-studio

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